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The Process

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Reach out to me online or by phone at 604.916.1950 to book a consultation.

Step 2

Share Information about your needs and goals, so I can find the best-available mortgage options for you.

Step 3

Choose an option that works best for you, based on expert mortgage advice.

Step 4

Get approved for a mortgage loan from one of the lenders in our nationwide network, and get ready to move in!

My Specialties


Save money and pay off your mortgage sooner when I negotiate a lower rate and a more flexible payment structure for your loan. Our creative equity take-out options allow you to access funds for debt consolidation, home improvements, investments and more.

Self Employed Mortgages

Your time is valuable and is better spent taking care of your business while my team and I take care of your financing. Get the best rate and flexible mortgage options that evolve with your business. I will get you financed on your current income today! We can use combined business and personal income, stated personal income, or we can use 6 months business deposits as your income.

Construction Financing

My personal experience in residential, commercial and multi-family construction makes me the number one choice for your next project. Whether you require a progress draw or completion mortgage, I will secure the best rates and most advantageous financial structure.

Commercial Financing

My team and I represent your best interest, not the banks. We do the research and the negotiation allowing you time to focus on what you do best, run your business. I will save you thousands of dollars in reduced fees and peace of mind knowing that a professional is managing the entire complicated process.

Real Estate Investors

I leverage my lender product knowledge along with my personal and professional experience with investment property financing to place you in the right program that'll get you to where you want to go.

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